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How To Take Care Of Your Leather Bag


Leather, by definition, is the skin of an animal; therefore, like all kinds of skin, certain amount of care is necessary to keep it moisturized and in its best condition to ensure a longer life-span.


Clean and moisturize your bag



1)    Things you need
2)    Make sure hands are clean
3)    Choose either cloth or sponge
4)    Spray cleaner on to cloth
5)    Wipe thoroughly


Here is one way you can do it: use a leather cleaner with moisturizing and cleaning properties and gently wipe your bag with a clean cloth as often as you like. Once a week should suffice to keep your bag shiny and smooth. If you haven’t got one, normal baby oil will do the same. The point is to keep your bag moisturized to prevent it from cracking as cracking occurs prior to dehydration.


Store in cool, dry place
Always remember to store your bags in a well-ventilated place with low humidity and away from any direct sunlight or extreme heat as this can cause your bag to dry and crack. Another tip is to never keep your bag in a plastic bag as air cannot ventilate within the bag and mildew or mold can grow; so, always keep it in a dust cover, pillow case or in any breathable material.


Keep in a cupboard/shelf
It is always best and advisable to store your bags in a cupboard or a shelf so your bags can sit comfortable and nicely to retain its overall shape. It is not advisable to hang your bags on coat hangers or anywhere else as the stress from gravity can stretch your bag’s handle. Another way to maintain the shape of the bag is to stuff it with some paper so your bag will always be nice and puffed up. Also, avoid stacking your bags as this can cause wrinkles and unwanted dents on the leather from studs etc.


Remove buckles or long straps
In order to keep your bags in their most optimum form, when storing, do remember to remove long straps or buckles to prevent it from causing any crease, wrinkles or unnecessary indentations because sometimes they can leave a permanent mark.


Just follow these 4 very simple steps in taking good care of your leather bag and you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting journey with your bag!

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